Head trainer and owner Hilary LoBue has been riding and showing
horses since she was 6 years old in Illinois.  Hilary started her career
in the hunter jumper discipline and competed in the very prestigious
"A" circuit in Illinois winning top honors at many shows including
Lamplight Equestrian Center.  Life brought her to Colorado where she
continued to learn from top trainers and Grand Prix riders focusing
on jumpers.  While living in Colorado Hilary continued to show and
win multiple championships in the jumper rings.  Hilary opened her
boarding facility Meadowlark Stables Inc. where she cared for 20
horses on a daily basis for her clients.  This experience was a valuable
lesson in all around horse care.  She gained experience in dealing
with illness, lameness, nutrition and overall horse health.
Meadowlark Stables was 30 minutes from CSU one of the leading
Veterinary Schools in the country.  Hilary developed close
relationships with veterinarians and took the opportunity to learn as
much as she could about horses as a whole.  This experience has really
been crucial in training horses and knowing when to ask more of a
horse and when to back off.

"Horses are individuals and getting to know each
horse and their learning style is fundamental to
successful training"

While in Colorado Hilary took interest in western riding and showed
several of her AQHA horses in local western pleasure events. Trail
riding in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado quickly became
a favorite past time.  Learning overall horsemanship and riding all
around trained horses became her passion.

"Riding a horse in the Rocky Mountains of
Colorado is not very forgiving, you  must have a
well trained horse to navigate steep inclines and
rocky slopes.  A mistake out there has serious

Since relocating to Texas Hilary has learned all around trained
horses are invaluable.  With this knowledge Hilary started
Hummingbird Hill Horse Training which focuses on all around sane,
safe and reliable horses whether you show jumpers, run barrels or trail
ride and everything in between.  Her experience has taught her
successful horses in any discipline need to dabble in everything. It is
good for their mind and overall health.  Hilary continues to show in
hunter/jumper and western events proving that a horse can be happy
in both disciplines and actually thrives with change and challenges.
Hilary trains horses at Windy Hill Ranch which is a beautiful
facility that offers rolling terrain and open spaces with safe sandy
loam footing.  Horses are ridden in the arena and around the fields
with man made and natural obstacles to challenge their minds.  The
lush green rolling hills provides horses with a laid back relaxing
learning environment to excel during their training.

"I like to keep my horses guessing on what we will do today, a
bored horse is not a happy horse.  I prefer happy horses."

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