"We cannot speak highly enough of Hilary
LoBue as a riding instructor. She is a very
thoughtful, caring, and thorough teacher. Hilary
is passionate and encouraging, and at the same
time uncompromising and systematic in her
approach to schooling. She inspires confidence,
has a calm manner and is an excellent
communicator. Our boys never felt under
pressure during their lessons, but always felt
they had made progress by the end."
The boys have been training with Hilary since
January, 2014 and have learned so much about
riding horses, learned so much about horses in
general (different breeds), and how to take
care of the horses.
Hilary has beautiful healthy horses and takes
great care of them.  The arena is well
maintained and the barn is neatly kept.
Hilary's horses are so mild mannered, easy
going, and have amazing personalities.  It's
obvious they love their owner and truly have a
great relationship with her.  Since the boys have
been attending horseback riding lessons they
have grown as individuals and we have seen a
positive change in their confidence level.

Henry and Frances Gomez
Henry Gomez IV and Gavin Gomez (Trainees)
Hilary has been working with me and my horses
for the past few years and is the greatest. She
has helped train me and my off the track
Thoroughbred  to jump and become
comfortable with each other. When I decided to
start riding Western and purchased a young
horse she is once again working with my mare
and I and is teaching us how to work together
as a team. No matter what aspect of training
you need, breaking a horse, fixing bad habits,
learning how to ride correctly, building
confidence in both rider and horse. If your
looking for English, Western, horse training,
riding lessons, etc. you will be 100% pleased
with Hilary, she's the BEST.  I truly love her
style of training the horse and the rider to work
To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter of recommendation for
Hilary LoBue.  We boarded our two beloved
horses with Hilary for three years. We would
still be there if she had not moved to Texas.
She is a wonderful horse woman. She loves her
charges.  They all were treated as if they were
her own.  She is very knowable. Not only on
care of the horse but training them as well. She
gets them!
I have been a horse person all of my life
(62years) and I can tell you she is one of the
Mellody A. White
I am writing on behalf of Hilary LoBue as a
personal reference. About 9 years ago, I met
Hilary when I was looking for a place to board
my thoroughbred.  He lived at her facility for
about 5 years, until she moved in 2010.
When I first met Hilary, I knew she was
someone I could trust with my horse. (I have
been riding horses for about 23 years.) She
was very kind, knowledgeable, and detail
oriented with the horses. As a horse owner, it is
very hard to find a facility that has everything
you are looking for. Hilary is someone that
listened to my needs and did her best to
accommodate me and my horse. Regarding
horses, she is constantly educating herself with
the newest information available, including
training, health, etc.
Hilary LoBue is someone I would consider a
perfect candidate for training horses. I have
seen her work with young prospects and her
patience with them was amazing.  She is not
only a great person but also a great rider.
Megan Hokanson
Hilary LoBue was my riding instructor and horse
trainer from 2006 – 2009.  Hilary helped me
shop for my first off the track thoroughbred to
train as a hunter/jumper.  She did an excellent
job evaluating horses for their potential.  The
mare I ended up purchasing was impressively
athletic, but ended up having a very difficult
personality.  Hilary was always very patient with
us, and came up with many creative ways to
approach my mare’s training.  She was
extremely confident and unflappable.  As a
riding instructor, Hilary was very encouraging,
supportive, friendly, and fun.  Although safety
was always her first concern, she challenged
me as a rider and helped me improve
dramatically.  I was truly sad when Hilary and
her family left Colorado, and would love to work
with her again if the opportunity ever presented
~  Erin Hefley
To Whom it May Concern:
This letter is written to express support and
recommendation for Ms. Hilary LoBue.
I knew Hilary for five years when I boarded my
horse in her facility.  During that time, I also
took riding lessons in the discipline of
Hunters/Jumpers, and we attended a couple of
shows together.   We formed a warm
student/teacher relationship, as well as a lasting
Hilary is a very warm, caring person.  She is
also very patient, both as an instructor and as a
rider.   I cannot recall a single time when she
lost her temper, either with a student or a
horse.  She was always firm yet fair,
knowledgeable, and kind to all animals and
people who came within her scope.
As a horsewoman, she is very accomplished (in
my perception).  She attended many shows,
often receiving high ratings for her and her
horses’ performances.  She was able to
effectively translate her experience (which is
considerable) to instruction and practice.  In the
course of owning her boarding facility, she
acquired a considerable amount of equine
veterinary knowledge, such that she could
sometimes diagnose what might be a problem
with a horse and have it confirmed by the
veterinarian when he arrived.  She also
promoted opportunities for fun, i.e., group trail
rides, trips to the mountains for rides, “fun”
shows, and socializing.
Hilary also cares profoundly about the welfare
of others, both that of animals and that of
humans.  She is deeply committed to
participating in helping make the planet a better
place for all, but she has a particular feeling and
knack for working with horses.  Without
reservation, I highly recommend her to anyone
who has an opportunity to work with her in such
a venue.  She will be a great benefit to any
Thank you for your attention; if you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Ms. L. Nelson, M

My daughter Skylar has been in lessons with
Hilary for over a year now.  Skylar started in
Western but now has also started to take
English lessons.  Hilary is a very knowledgeable
horsewoman, it is very easy to see that horses
are her passion, she passes that love on to her
students.  My daughter looks forward to her
lessons twice a week.   I feel very blessed to
have her teaching my daughter.
Karin Samuelson
Hummingbird Hill
Horse Training
Rockdale, Texas